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Micronised Minerals (MMS) a specialist minerals earth company focused on the supply of high quality mineral products and whole of service in informed, economic and innovative ways.  Our fully integrated service from mine to equipment design to fabrication and our capability to accurately blend speciality products to suit client requirements provides the expertise and resources expected from a top level environmental management company.


Established in Darwin in 2007 we are proud to have made our mark on the Top End's environmental management landscape.


Our significant portfolio of completed works proves our capabilties and the strong relationships we have formed has helped us earn the trust of our clients throughout Northern Australia.


With a history of innovation in the supply of minerals to the oil, gas, mining and agricultural sectors and backed by a team of motivated professionals MMS is well placed to provide flexible lower cost options for the management of environmental issues, on time and on budget for every challenge.

Micronised Minerals was created from its founding Director's vision to provide the oil, gas and mining industries in Northern Australia with quality earth mineral products and the development of environmental treatment solutions using natural minerals at a competitive price.

MMS has proven to be a progressive, dynamic force in Darwin's environmental sector.  With a vibrant 13 year histroy it is a Company defined by exceptional financial capacity, reliability and a reputation for transparent communication.  Our hands on approach has gained the respect of industry and provided access to remote mining sites and given our Company the capacity to trial engineering techniques and mineral chemistry solutions for remediation of acid mine draining.

Our environmental treatment programs are long term solutions and will assist return the environment to its natural state.

Australian Agents for Chememan Ltd products throughout Northern Australia


pH management & control - an informed economic innovation

Micronised Minerals was awarded Australian Patent 2013209309 for "Method and Apparatus for Acidic Surface Water Treatment" (Micro Reactor Technology) in 2018 and is continuing the patent development of its locally developed reagent "Enviro Catalyst".  The innovative in-situ acid mine water treatment process is an informed economic innovation for decontamination of acid mine water containing high levels of dissolved metals stored on active and legacy mine sites.  When compared to common treatment options used on mine sites, the improvement in water quality and subsequent reduction in toxicity after using the MMS Reagent has proven favourably in price and detoxification outcomes.

Using our patent technology and locally developed reagent, MMS successfuly completed decontamination of Vista Gold Australia's Mt Todd mine water pit of 10.3 billion litres of acidic water.  The body of water has transformed from a level of high toxicity to aquatic life to one where 99.8% of metals have been removed.  The local flora and fauna recovery including the native frog population were evident post treatment.



Worldwide, mining companies find acid mine water storage incurs significant costs, loss of time and the potential for environmental disasters and risk to worker safety. 

Acid mine water storage is a significant issue for all mine sites. The major issue facing the long-term storage of acid water is the environmental risks of accidental discharge of untreated mine water into the environment. The heavily polluted and acidic water will cause major environmental issues and result in multi-million / billion dollar clean-up bills as noted in the highly publicised acid mine spill in South America (clean-up bill is in the range of AUD 10 billion). 

Current solutions to decontamination of acid mine water are labour intensive and use highly dangerous and expensive compounds. 


Our Solution

Micronised Minerals has developed an innovative process to decontaminate acid mine drainage and acid mine water, enabling its safe discharge into the environment, ensuring water quality is within the Australian Water Quality Guidelines for Fresh & Marine Waters (ANZSECC).

This process reduces both mine operational costs and risk of an environmental disaster through accidental discharge. 

This decontamination process is a combination of a patented shear mixing device which enables the efficient blending of acidic mine water and a proprietary compound called "MMS ENVIRO CATALYST". The MMS decontamination process actively reduces the heavy metal content and acidity within stored mine water.

Unlike all other decontamination processes, MMS uniquely uses the mine pit's in-situ water to carry the reagent to all corners of the pond through the use of its patented shear mixing device. The process also allows high volume, high flow rate and continuous treatment. Competitor products require the use of fresh water sources for similar outcomes and generally require batch treatment processes.

Our proprietary compound MMS Enviro Cat, has been specially formulated to work within this shear mixing system and its composition significantly reduces materials handling costs, health and safety risks compared with similar processes used by competitors.

We can tailor the environmental chemistry, blend reagents and fabricate the equipment to treat each mine site's unique requirements.

In addition, MMS supplies high quality Quicklime, Hydrated Lime and Calcium Carbonate to the mining industry to treat run-off and process waters from coal mining, metal mining and non-metal mines.



The change in the world's climatic conditions has indicated access to healthy soils for food production will become a necessity for our growers. There is a renewed international focus on soil management due to the increasing concerns of the implications of current trends in soil conditions. In Northern Australia soil acidification is recognised as a significant threat to the sustainability of fruit and crop growing.


Our Solution

Micronised Minerals has a range of agriculture minerals specially processed and formulated to maximise Effective Neutralisation Value (ENV) creating a balance agent for low pH in tropical acid soils. 

We supply high quality agricultural minerals to the tropical fruit and vegetable growers and broad acre farms. Our minerals are used to reduce the acidity of soil, restore pH balance and provide balance to the soil structure. Our wide range of agriculture products are used by Northern Territory agriculture industry in the Darwin and Katherine regions as soil treatments for fruit and crop production.

We supply high quality agricultural minerals, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Dolomite, Bentonite and customised blends to the tropical fruit and vegetable growers and broad acre farms in Northern Territory. Our minerals are used to reduce the acidity of soil, restore pH balance and provide balance to the soil structure.



Acid sulphate soils (ASS) are naturally occurring soils containing elevated levels of metal sulfide minerals. Potential acid sulphate soils become actual acid sulfate soils when the water table is lowered, allowing air to enter the soil, or the soil is excavated and exposed to the air which produces sulfuric acid resulting in long term adverse impacts on both the natural environment and engineering works.

Throughout Northern Australia many building and road construction activities may disturb ASS with the stripping of topsoil, excavation for table drains, subsurface drains, culverts and sediment retention basins. Disturbed or exposed ASS can be neutralised by the addition of an alkaline material, usually lime.

Northern Territory companies are at the disadvantage of the nearest hydrated lime producer being located 200 kms. from our region and road transport costs deemed uneconomic due to hydrated lime's low bulk density. Current treatment programs are substituting lime with cement which does not provide the correct chemistry for treatment of high clay acid soils.  


Our Solution

Micronised Minerals are specialists in the manufacture and supply of lime reagents for treatment of acidic soils and/or substrate stabilisation. Our minerals are used by the civil and industrial sectors for the treatment of acid sulphate soils in the construction industry, road construction stabilisation and mangrove soil treatment projects.

Our minerals are used by the civil and industrial sectors for the treatment of acid sulphate soils in the construction industry, road construction stabilisation and mangrove soil treatment projects.


Barite is used by the petroleum industry as a weighting material in formulation of "Drilling Mud".


MMS mines and manufactures Barite, a high purity Barium Sulphate (BaSO4) product ground to a fine grain size. MMS sources Barite from mineral lease south of Darwin and utilises its advanced manufacturing facility to enable the efficient delivery of fine ground Barite to API standards and delivery options including bulker bag and bulk tanker to customers' silos. 



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