Drilling Grade

Barite is used by the petroleum industry as a weighting material in formulation of "drilling mud". Barite increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud allowing it to compensate for high-pressure zones experienced during drilling.  The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging the drilling tools during the drilling process and enables it to serve as a lubricant.


Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd (MMS) mines and manufactures Barite, a high purity Barium Sulphate (BaSO4) product that is ground to a very fine grain size. MMS sources Barite from its own quarry south of Darwin and utilises its advanced manufacturing facility to enable the efficient delivery of fine ground Barite to API standards and delivery options including bulker bag and bulk tanker to customers' silos.  


  •  Barite is used as a weighting agent to increase mud density in all types of drilling systems;  especially for Oil & Gas sector. 

  • It is a critical component for the stabilisation of a mud system to control formation pressures and stabilise the borehole. 

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