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Whole of Service with Innovative Design

MMS has the ability to integrate skills and technologies to design equipment and manufacture the best products and implement economic environmental solutions.

We have developed a specialised capability in the application of calcium carbonate and its derivatives to decontaminate acid water produced on mines sites, restore pH balance to soils and treatment of acid sulphate soils in the agricultural and civil/industrial sectors.

Provision of engineering and chemical design - including product development, in-house and third party laboratory testing, engineering and construction of large scale water treatment systems.

Minerals Specialists

MMS are minerals specialists and have developed a comprehensive suite of minerals with proven results with the added capability to tailor blend speciality products to suit each client's unique requirements in the mining, oil and gas, industrial and agricultural sectors.

MMS have a sound reputation for professional service and for the application of know-how to ensure our minerals optimise production and quality and ensure natural resources are used efficiently to minimise a project's environmental footprint.

Superior purpose built manufacturing and mineral processing technology


Our modern purpose built facility strategically located close to the Darwin Port and Rail terminal has the capability to provide a complete service vertically integrated from mine to product to meet clients' requirements.  Designed around Raymond Mills this minerals processing technology provides efficient control of product size resulting in flexible, cost effective production of superior mineral product.


MMS has the capability to provide integrated solutions tailored to meet national and international requirements with our range of specialised logistics in handling and delivery options supported by our expansive dedicated storage capacity of 200 tonne overhead silos, 400 tonne horizontal silo and ISO storage, laydown area of over 8,000 sqm and our fleet of  ISO and road tanker trailers.




Our expertise

Micronised Mineral Solutions was awarded Australian Patent 2013209309 for "Method and Apparatus for Acidic Surface Water Treatment" (Micro Reactor Technology) in 2018

pH Management & Control – An Informed Economic Innovation

Micronised Mineral Solutions was awarded Australian Patent 2013209309 for "Method and Apparatus for Acidic Surface Water Treatment" (Micro Reactor Technology) in 2018 and is continuing the patent development of its locally developed reagent "Enviro Catalyst". The innovative in-situ acid mine water treatment process is an informed economic innovation for decontamination of acid mine water containing high levels of dissolved metals stored on active and legacy mine sites. When compared to the common treatment options used on mine sites, the improvement in water quality and subsequent reduction in toxicity after using the MMS Reagent has proven favourably in price and detoxification outcomes. 


Using our patent technology and locally developed reagent, MMS successfully completed decontamination at Vista Gold Australia’s Mt Todd mine water pit of 10.3 billion litres of acidic water. The body of water has transformed from a level of high toxicity to aquatic life to one where 99.8% of metals have been removed. The local flora and fauna recovery including the native frog population were evident post treatment.



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