Nine Barite mine leases in Northern Territory

Micronised Mineral Solutions (MMS) holds total 9 Barite mining leases at two locations within close proximity to Darwin & Katherine  in the Northern Territory of Australia.


Dorisvale Barite Mine has two barite mining leases, located approximately 300kms southwest of Darwin and are accessed via the Stuart Highway, Dorisvale Road 20kms south of Pine Creek. The Dorisvale mineralisation occurs throughout the tabular vein system which remains relatively stable in size and orientation.

Mathison Creek Barite site has 7 leases and to date have not been mined. The seven barite leases are located within West Mathison pastoral leases. Five main barite lodes are secured by seven Mining Leases  covering an area of 84ha. 

Mathison Creek Barite deposits are located approximately 400 kms. southeast of Darwin and 100 kms. southwest of Katherine in NT. The Adelaide to Darwin rail link provides economic bulk freight options for the transportation of barite to East Arm International Shipping Port  Darwin.

Barite grade is suitable for oil well drilling with >4.2 and water-soluble alkali earths <250ppm.  
Comprehensive drilling reports over both the Dorisvale leases and Mathison Creek deposits are available upon request.

The 2020 mine management plan for Dorisvale has been completed and lodged with the Northern Territory Department of Mines.



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