MMS GYP FLOUR is a high quality Gypsum product ground to mean average particle size of 18 microns. It is specially formulated to rapidly release excess magnesium in moderate to heavy clay soils to improve its porosity. It creates an open structure and reduces compaction issues with a higher Ca:Mg ratio, essential for high production cropping.

MMS GYP FLOUR is preferred Calcium source for high pH soils, as well as reducing excess sodium (salt) levels in soils.

Key Product Features and Benefits 

  • Locally manufactured in the NT, with superior levels of soluble Calcium and Sulphur compared with alternative imported products.

  • Greatly improves nitrogen soil and plant uptake efficiencies resulting in lower application rates for the same crop requirements, thereby reducing production costs.

  • Essential source of sulphur, for higher protein levels in pastures as well as higher plant / soil vitality.

  • Increased beneficial soil microorganism populations and diversity due to improved soil structure and plant available minerals.

  • Application rates > 500 kg / ha to induce a fruiting / seed  production response. Multiple applications of lower rates are recommended for more   effective soil conditioning. 

  • Higher growth rates of forage / herbage production can be achieved with a combination of MMS Gyp Flour and MMS Calci Four


Packaging options:  500 - 1200 kgs. Bulker Bags



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