Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2], also known as Hydrated Lime, is a fine, odourless white powder commercially produced by reacting Quicklime with sufficient water. It is used in many applications, including food preparation, water treatment, soil stabilisation and can be added to water to produce Milk of Lime.

Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd (MMS) Hydrated Lime (slaked lime), is a high quality calcium hydroxide product manufactured to a fine grain size which maximises the availability of [Ca(OH)2] for chemical processes.

Hydrated Lime is vital to municipalities, it is used for potable water softening pH, removal of heavy metals and impurities from drinking water. Hydrated lime is a highly cost effective method for treating sewage sludge and animal waste from concentrated animal feeding operations.


  • Acid Water Treatment 

  • Potable Water Softening

  • Soil Stabilisation

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

Our Product Portfolio

Quicklime / Burnt Lime
Enviro Catalyst
Hydrated Lime
Calcium Carbonate
Gypsum Flour
Drilling Grade Barite
MMS Roadmaker
Soda Ash Dense
Liquid Gypsum Suspension
Water Treatment at Slaking Plant

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