Problems worth Solving

Micronised Mineral Solutions (MMS) has a history of innovation in the supply of industrial minerals to the Oil, Gas, Mining and Agricultrue sectors. MMS has developed a specialised capability to decontaminate acid mine drainage produced on mine sites, restore pH balance to soils and treatment of acid sulphate souls in farming, civil and industrial sectors.

Challenges faced by Mining sector

Worldwide, mining companies find acid mine water storage incurs significant costs, loss of time and the potential for environmental disasters and worker safety. 

Acid mine water storage is a significant issue for all the mine sites. The major issue facing the long-term storage of acid water is the environmental risks of accidental discharge of untreated mine water into the environment. The heavily polluted and acidic water will cause major environmental issues and result in multi-million / billion dollar clean-up bills as noted in the highly publicised acid mine spill in South America (clean-up bills is in the range of AUD 10 billion). 

Current solutions to decontamination of acid mine water are labour intensive and use highly dangerous and expensive compounds. 


Our Solution for Mining sector

Micronised Minerals has developed an innovative process to decontaminate acid mine drainage and acid mine water, enabling its safe discharge into the environment, ensuring water quality is within the Australian Water Quality Guidelines for Fresh & Marine Waters (ANZSECC).

This process reduces both mine operational costs and risk of an environmental disaster through accidental discharge. 

This decontamination process is a combination of a patented shear mixing device (which enables the efficient blending of toxic mine water) and a proprietary compound called "MMS ENVIRO CATALYST". The MMS decontamination process actively reduces the heavy metal content and acidity within stored mine water.

Unlike all other decontamination processes, MMS uniquely uses the mine pit's in-situ water to carry the reagent to all corners of the pond through the use of its patented shear mixing device. The process also allows hgh volume, high flow rate and continous treatment. Comeptitor products require the use of fresh water sources for similar outcomes and generally require batch treatment processes.

Our proprietary compound MMS Enviro Cat, has been specially formulated to work within this shear mixing system and its composition significantly reduces materials handling costs, health and safety risks compared with similar processes used by competitors.

We can tailor the environmental chemistry, blend reagents and fabricate the equipment to treat each mine site's unique requirements.

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