Acid Mine Water Treatment

Micronised Mineral Solutions (MMS) has successfully implemented its innovative in situ acid mine water treatment process for the decontamination of acidic water containing high levels of acid dissolved (bioavailable) metals stored on active and legacy mine sites.


The Commercialisation Project

The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science supported MMS through a significant Accelerating Commercialisation Grant.  This support will enable the commercialisation of the MMS process to be a world first for the successful decontamination of acid mine waters.  This process uses in site mine water to carry the reagent to all corners of the mine pit through the use of our patented micro reactor.  Our new technology reduces processing time, reduces operational costs and eliminates a capital expenditure requirement.

Treatment was conducted on water body of 1.38 gigalitre of mine dam containing high levels of dissolved metals.  MMS used its patented micro reactor technology and proprietary patent reagent, Enviro Catalyst, to significantly reduce 99.6%  of toxic metals and reduce sulphate levels to enable efficient, low dilution rate and safe release of treated water into the environment. In spite of 250mm of rainfall, significant reduction in metals was retained  proving the processed water maintains a strong buffer against reacidification.

Vista Gold's Mt. Todd Batman Pit

MMS has successfully completed decontamination of Vista Gold Australia Mt. Todd's mine water pit.  The treatment of the 10.3 billion litre body of water resulted in the reduction of the pH levels from a level of high toxicity and no aquatic life to removal of 99.8% of metals and the recovery of local flora and fauna along with the native frog population.

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