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- Locally developed Reagent

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Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd (MMS) awarded Australian Patent for “Method and Apparatus for Acidic Surface Water Treatment” (Micro Reactor technology) in 2018 and is continuing the patent development of its locally manufactured reagent.

MMS has developed an innovative solution for the decontamination of Acid Mine Water. The locally manufactured patent reagent, Enviro Catalyst, and the specifically designed patent Micro Reactor technology are combined to process stored acid mine water. This process precipitates out the key dissolved metals and reduces sulphate levels to enable efficient, low dilution rate and safe release of the treated water into the environment. Recent examples of treatment have seen 99.6% of dissolved metals precipitated out from the acid mine water. MMS has successfully treated acid mine water up to 16 million litres per hour.

Commercialisation Project - Case Study

 Problem:  The decontamination of a pit located in the Northern Territory holding 1.38 mega-litres of acidic water with a high level of dissolved potentially toxic metals. The pit contour approximates a V-shape with dimensions 600m length x 100m width x 40m depth.  
Expected Outcome: The final water quality above 25m depth, approximately 80% of the total volume of the pit to achieve ANZECC 80% standards with minimal dilution enabling approved release into the environment.

Process:  In this trial MMS used a combination of 1,760 tonnes of its proprietary patent reagent, Enviro Catalyst and its specifically designed patent Micro Reactor technology to process the 1.38 mega-litres of Acid Mine Water stored in the pit. At the completion of the trial approximately 99.6% of measured metals were precipitated from the pit water; achieving ANZECC 90% standards with 1:4 dilution based on ecotoxicology results, significantly better than the 1:61 dilution achieved using an accepted caustic process which was in use at the tome of the trial. 

Unique Method:  No requirement for pH neutral water for the solids to liquids treatment process, as in situ pit water used. Does not require large scale expensive fixed slaking infrastructure.



Blend & Fine Milling Industrial Minerals

The company owns and operates  Twin Vertical Roller Mills providing annual capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes production, infinitely managed by turbine classification for exacting product sizes ranging from 5-250 micron.


The company has ability to accurately blend industrial minerals to ensure the precise manufacturing of reagents to meet client requirements.


The milled product can be packaged into Bulker Bags of 500-1200 kgs.


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