MMS is committed to conducting all of its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. The Company plans and manages its activities to minimise disturbance to the environments in which it operates. 

The company strives to fulfill these objectives by observing all environmental laws and regulations and use of all available resources to:-

  • Identify any possible areas of environmental conflict; 

  • Integrate environmental considerations into our work planning and operations; 

  • Assess potential impact of our operations on the environment in which we work; 

  • Rehabilitate the environment affected by our operations. 

Health & Safety

MMS is committed to the philosophy that the health and safety of its employees is of prime importance to the success of its operations.  The Company is committed to ensuring its operations are conducted in a safe and productive manner that will not incur injury to personnel or damage to the environment. MMS aims to achieve:

  • Zero workplace injuries and illness

  • Zero plant and equipment damage

  • Zero environment incidents


Micronised Mineral Solution's long term success depends on our ability to build relationships with business partners, governments, non-government organisations, host communities and other stakeholders.


MMS will therefore :

  • work in a collaborative and transparent way with our stakeholders

  • engage regularly, openly and honestly with our host communities and take their views and concerns into account in our decision making

  • maintain effective mechanisms to address and respond to stakeholder grievances

  • monitor and review our stakeholder interactions and report on our stakeholder engagement; and

  • support the sustainable development of our host communities.


The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001. 

All personnel within the company are responsible for the quality of their work. The company provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required. 

The company continues to develop its expertise in the areas of mine environment management specifically dealing with acid drainage and pH management and its aim is to achieve a high standard of service to its customers.


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